Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The walk

This is what you get when you walk from Portstewart Strand round to the town itself, where the Promenade is and the ice-cream shops are:

I know, a bit under-exposed, but still.  If you have some loose change and fancy a view of the sea and Donegal and Mussenden Temple every day you could purchase one of those apartments.  You'd need a lot of loose change, to be fair.  They're very des res, you know.

Speaking of the Prom, it looks like this at the minute:

Note the fancy new railings and the fancy new lights.  But it's not finished yet - still a ways to go.   With luck they'll put back the seats along the lower walkway there, so that folk can sit and eat their chips and ice-cream while admiring the view.

That would be this view:

Oops - there's Missy in the foreground there, ice cream in hand.  On the rocks she was.  Even though the sea was calm, as you can see, I was still nervous, as there's a fairly strong swell around these parts.  She was OK though and clambered back up to the path after satisfying her curiosity.

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