Friday, 10 June 2016

North Devon

So back in 1987 I was wandering around Exmoor, North Devon with an OM1 loaded with Kodachrome.  A lovely part of the world to find yourself in.

I know - I had hair in those days!  And that was my little silver Volkswagen, which had taken my girlfriend at the time and myself from London to Lynmouth for a short break.  Kind of strange, that, since at the time I was living in Taunton.  But my girlfriend was a London lass and if I recall correctly, I had driven there for her birthday celebrations and this was my present to her - a weekend away in the wild west.

I wasn't on great form at that time.  It was shortly before my second hip replacement, I recall.  I was walking very badly, in a lot of pain.  I'm sure the Taunton-London-Devon drive didn't help matters, mind you...

Lynmouth lies at the foot of a 700 foot cliff face.  It's sister village, Lynton is at the top and a little cable railway connects the two.  Lynmouth has been prone to flooding over the years, with a major flood in 1952 claiming 34 lives.

We stayed in rather lovely Rising Sun:

Well, not in the hotel itself, in Shelley's Cottage, just up the lane:

That's it with the strange-looking chimney and the thatch.  Apparently, yer poet man honeymoon'd there.  I remember it being very charming.  It wasn't a great weekend, though and the girlfriend and I split up a couple of months later, shortly after my hip operation.  In many ways it seems like a long time ago, although if I really think hard about it I can remember a lot of details.  I can recall walking up from the hotel to the cottage - it was fairly steep and probably a bit of struggle for me.   I remember we arrived too late for the dinner service, so they had a cold salad prepared in advance for us - and it was pretty special, too.

Inside Shelley's Cottage

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