Monday, 27 June 2016

No place like home

Dorothy was right: There is no place like home.  We've been away for the week to Jersey.  An interesting place, Jersey - not part of the UK, but connected to it in some strange way.  It's an independent entity, apparently - and not even a full member of the EU.  Too difficult for me to work out what it really is, but it exists and flights are direct from Belfast, which is a good thing for us here in The Liberties.

So we're back home now, feeling tired and what have you from a busy week tramping around St Helier, St John, St Mary and other Jersey parishes.

I've no Jersey snaps as of yet - there's a couple of films sitting looking at me, waiting to be developed but to be honest I didn't take as many photographs as I was prepared for.  I was in holiday mode, in family mode, so opportunities didn't present themselves that often.  I didn't mind - sometimes it's good just to chill and watch the world go by without always pointing a camera at it.

One from the garden, back in April time, just as the ferns were starting to unfurl.  I liked the back-lighting, late afternoon so quite soft light.  Probably a bit too much light coming through in the background, mind you, which I should have tried to burn in a bit.  I didn't have long to take it, as the sun kept disappearing behind the clouds and then coming back out again.  Eventually, of course, the clouds won, as they always do in this part of the world.  A Sinar/FP4+/ID-11/Kentmere combination.
Jersey was an interesting wee place.  Outside of St Helier, the capital city, the roads are quite narrow.  Most of the time cars coming in the opposite direction had to reverse and drive into the side of the road, or even some-one's front yard in order to let our bus past.  Occasionally the bus had to reverse, like when we met tractors carrying a load of Jersey Royal potatoes, for instance.  We had some of their spuds and they were tasty, I have to admit.  Not on the same level as a good Maris Piper, mind you, but good all the same.


  1. Ahh... Welcome home, mate and family! Never been to Jersey myself, but my sister in law was around that place a couple of years ago. I still got places to see around Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland and those areas before I venture channel islands and stuff. France would be nice as well, but is still a bit down on my list I have to say. I can still get french wine back home as well, so I got no hurry...
    And hey... the snap and the nice darkroom copy looks great as usual. I'm out here on Ona for the moment, and got no access to any darkroom. I will some time during next week, I hope. Even got some darkroom paper coming in from old UK, as it happens. Paper and film... which will be nice to have for the next few months I hope.

    1. Thanks Roy, 'tis good to be back. Jersey was relaxing, which is what a holiday should be, after all. Perhaps a little too much 'home from home', though. I think I need some Big City stuff soon, to scratch that particular itch :)

      Darkroom is calling me too. A few negs are sticking their heads up above the parapet calling for some attention. We'll see what gives - probably nothing much, but one can only try. At any rate you'll see the end result in this place, good, bad or downright ugly :)