Saturday, 4 June 2016

It's a big day

It's a big day in The Liberties, since Missy here becomes a teenager today.  She is very excited at the prospect of being a teenager - she said being 12 is like being in the middle, you're not a child but you're not a teenager.  I don't remember becoming a teenager was anything that special - I can remember being 10 and that being a big deal - double figures!  Perhaps that was a hint towards my fascination to come with numbers.

Another one printed on RC Warmtone.  The scan isn't very good - the skin tones in the print are quite nice.
So we have a party organised.  About 5.30 a group of Missy's friends (how can she so many close friends?) will descend on the McNeill homestead where they will be entertained with food and music until 8pm.  At which point most will depart, leaving a couple who are 'sleeping over'.  As usual in these affairs there will, I expect, be precious little sleeping done.  They will no doubt get shouted at about 2am and then hopefully things will be quiet for a few hours.

The weather has been amazingly good all week - very warm, full sun.  All being well that will continue at least for another 12 hours - after that I don't care, it can rain all next week if it likes.

The plan is to get a film developed early Sunday morning, before anyone else is up.  In which case there might be something to show on this place come Monday.  Hopefully.


  1. Ahh... I'm still confused by your numbers thrown out the other day Michael! But anyway, I just want to send my congratulations to Olivia and you and your wife and all the rest of Ireland... more or less! It's just grand, isn't it?! And the snap... just great, as usual my friend! Just as the one snapped and posted the other day, of course. I will be back with more comments some day :)

  2. Oh, and I hope your not still awake and disturbed by them teenagers doing the sleepover kind of things we know will not work any good anyway...!

    1. Thanks for your good wishes there Roy. We had a great day - well-behaved teenagers (long may that last). The weather was perfect and the sleepover people settled down about 4.30am :)