Monday, 6 June 2016

A teenager in the house

Well Missy's party went well - the sun shone, the DJ played the right tunes and the right people showed up.

We were slightly over-prepared on the food front - clearly the music and the general excitement didn't leave any time for burgers or hot dogs, so we had a small mountain of left-overs.

The cake seemed to go down well enough, though:

There was an awful lot of hair about, as you can imagine.  And most of the girls seemed to be permanently attached to their phones.  But as time went on things loosened up and the phone usage got less as the party games got going.

The Hound was well-behaved, getting into the thick of things from time to time.  He got lots of pats and didn't bite anyone, thank goodness.  It all went smoothly enough and I think the same number of bodies left that arrived - in more or less the same condition, give or take.

The lads:

We were all feeling a little jaded yesterday, for obvious reasons.

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