Monday, 13 June 2016

Surf's up

The surf was up the other day in Portstewart.

Well, not up that much, as you can see.  Sometimes we get a pretty big sea, as you can imagine, given our location on the North Coast of Ireland.  Surfing is big in Ireland these days - people come from all over the place to hone their skills.  In my youth there was no surfing - well, not much, anyway.  I think the wetsuit technology has come a long way since then, to be fair.

I think things were a little underexposed here, hence the rather menacing sky.  It was menacing, but perhaps not quite as dramatic as you see here.  Looks good though, eh?  Mussenden Temple standing proud on the headland there, as it does.  This one is on the list for some darkroom action.  Been finding it hard to get in there these days, what with Missy's party and all.  But hopefully this week I'll sneak in for an hour or two.

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