Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Not very often

It's not very often you find me down on Portstewart Strand in the evenings - I'm more of a morning person.

But this day I was, since Missy and her friend wanted a walk (?).   This must have been a few weeks ago, since the great National Trust are now charging to get on the beach, as they do between April and September.  A fiver seems a little too much for an hour's stroll along a beach that we used to come to for free not that many years ago.

Anyway, the sun was going down behind Inishowen Peninsula and I pointed the Nikon at it, just to see what gave.


  1. Well... it gave you a nice snap with some great light inside, and some lovely and open landscape scattered around, the Nikon.
    The sparse clouding and the nice pattern in the sand adds stuff in, me thinks :)

    1. Thanks Roy - appreciate your comments. Freezing cold that night was, in spite of the sun - there was a strong wind coming across that old sea there.