Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Here's Johnny

Johnny did the music at the party.

A very decent chap he is too.  Afterwards he was heading down the Legion to join his wife.  That's the British Legion Club to you non-Liberties peeps, not to be confused with that other famous Legion (The French Foreign One).


  1. Ah... the Legion. I know that one a minor bit. Not the French Foreign one, but the British one of course. Been inside the walls of one of them up there in Kirkwall, Orkney. Where else, you may ask, as that's more or less the only place I know someone from that side of the sea well enough to get inside the doors of such a place.
    I bet Johnny The Chap played the music well enough for the teenagers to have some great good fun :))

    1. You've been in the Kirkwall Legion? That's a story in itself I'm sure, Roy! Next time take a rangefinder :) I've never been in the Coleraine one, I'm sorry to say - it would not be somewhere I'd be taking my wife for a night out, if you know what I mean!

      Yep - Johnny was ace. Nice bloke and in tune with what they all wanted to hear.