Thursday, 9 June 2016

Here's another Johnny

This is a special one...this Johnny will be 93 years young this year.  Here he is, sitting outside on mother's patio, enjoying the sun.

I didn't do a great job on him - I should have moved myself back and taken him full in, legs and all.  But there we are, maybe next time I'll get him properly.

Johnny is my mother's cousin, one of the McCaughren clann, from Ballymena/Cullybackey direction.  Not only is Johnny in his tenth decade of life, but he drives his car ('down the beck roads') every single day he draws breath.  He gets up in the morning in his sheltered accommodation, has a wee cup of tea, gets in the car and then goes where the car takes him.  All over the place - he's done 90,000 miles in the last 3 years.

He was a driver all his working life, you see.  For a while with a bread company and then driving a cement lorry, so he's used to being on the road.  About 2 years ago he got a speeding ticket - very annoyed he was.  He had to re-take his test earlier this year, which he passed, of course.  Way to go, Johnny, way to go.

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