Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Local lad made good, gone

Yesterday evening, as the bar-be-que was about to have a wee fishy placed gently on it, we learned of the passing of a certain Mr Henry McCullough.

No stranger to those in the know, Henry was a very talented musician, playing with none other than Paul McCartney in Wings, among other accolades.  He even played with Joe Cocker at Woodstock - there ain't many who had that on their CV.

Our paths crossed briefly many moons ago, as you might recall from an earlier post, when Frankie Miller came to play in The Liberties in the late 70s.  Frankie doing his hard-man stare and Henry on his left.

I used to see Henry not so long ago driving around Coleraine, in a big old Jag, always with a big cowboy hat on.  Unmistakable rock star.   A local lad, made good, gone - as they might say in the NY Times.


  1. I heared the same news as well, and thought there's been a few too many good lads gone lately. But at the same time it's good to know they have created stories worthy of passing on, just like you do in this case with a great snap from back in the days :)

    1. Back in the days is right, my friend. Didn't appreciate them then, for sure. But nice to have them on good old film negatives, as proof we were there, then, once upon a time :)