Thursday, 1 October 2015

An old, dark room

This is what was on a teenager's shelf around about 1976.

1970s wallpaper

As you can see Paterson Acuprint was the developer of the day and in the clear plastic bottle I can just about make out 'Ilford Rapid Fixer' on the label.  No idea what was in the others.  Come to think of it, I still have that funnel somewhere - red it was, or maybe yellow...

1970s curtains
This was my first enlarger - a Gnome.  Dad was good with making stuff so he knocked up the wooden shelves.  In later years the Gnome got traded for a Durst M301 which is still somewhere up in the loft as we speak.  These days I use a massive De Vere floorstanding enlarger, which will, I think, be the Last Thing Standing if ever an earthquake hits The Liberties.

And here is yours truly, complete with Adidas training top - yes, the very same that is now the height of fashion, nearly 40 years later.  Blue it was, with white stripes, in case you're wondering.  If only I'd kept it...

Me, a couple of years ago
And yes, you are correct in your thinking - Mum was my hairdresser.  And no, before you ask, she didn't give up her day job...

I've a bit of a treat for you all tomorrow - not a BandFriday this week, something different.  It kind of follows on from this post but I can't tell you any more or else I'd give it away.  You'll just have to wait.

Oh - hang on, I've just found another one, tucked away in the Paterson negative file from 40-odd years ago.  A bit mangled this one, but still, here you go:

Looks like everything was pretty new.  On the top shelf there is a case for some camera or other - probably the Zenith B.  Hard to make out the Paterson boxes but if you stare at them long enough like did you might agree they are for a measuring cylinder, developing tank and darkroom safelight.  On the bottom shelf there is a load of junk, by the look of it - including what looks like a large Ever Ready battery.  No idea what that was about...


  1. Great "back to the 70's" thing you got going Michael. What a great shelf of chemicals you had there. Nothing much, but just what you needed obviously. And that wallpaper...! :))
    It might come as a shock to you, but seems like your mother and mine went to the same hairdresser course...

    1. Haha Roy I think no-one had money for hairdressers in those days - either in Ireland or Norway!