Monday, 12 October 2015

Eastbourne folk

Eventually we did spot a few people on Eastbourne Pier - doing what we were doing, namely wandering about aimlessly wondering where everyone was and why everywhere was closed.

As you know I'm not a great one for street shooting - but I did some on the pier, just for the craic.

We are not amused
As you can see, the two ladies in the shot above were giving me the 'What's he up to?' look as I snapped them up.  I think I got away with it though...

The two people below were largely oblivious to my actions.  Probably the young lad was wondering where that Marshfield Farm ice cream was that he'd been promised and wishing he was back indoors on his Playstation instead of outside in all this fresh air having a camera pointed at him by some old, strange-looking bloke.

Can we go home now?

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