Thursday, 15 October 2015

What is it?

Yes, it's a bit of wood.  Not just any bit of wood, mind.  A 14th Century bit of wood, no less.  It belongs to this house:

Some old place near Lewes

This is the entrance to the Clergy House in Alfriston, just down the road a bit from Lewes.  As you can see the vegetation is nearly taking over, as it does.

The Clergy House was, apparently, the first house acquired by the National Trust - in 1896 for the princely sum of £10.  Dates back to the 14th Century we found out and it's an example of a Wealden Hall House.  I think they put windows in after a few hundred years - it must have been a bit draughty beforehand...

Alfriston is very twee and very touristy but nice all the same for a gentle stroll.  And it has The George Inn, which is a lovely old pub - all oak beams and stone floors and stuff.  Just right for a snifter before dinner, it was.

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