Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Eastbourne Pier

I took a few snaps while we walked up and down Eastbourne Pier.  In spite of last year's fire it still looked pretty good - OK so a lick of paint here or there wouldn't have gone amiss, but still...

Eastbourne Pier, on RC Warmtone

Apparently there is a camera obscura on top of the domed building there, but I couldn't see how to get up to it -  there appeared to be some sort of nightclub operating in the lower part of the building, so perhaps the camera is out of bounds.  A pity that, since camera obscuras are usually good fun.

Not exactly teeming with people, as you can see - disappointing for a nice evening in the middle of summer - what do Eastbourne people do in the evenings, I wonder?   Note the couple 'having a moment' on the bench at the side of the snap above.  Romantic places, piers...

The Victorian Tea Rooms you can see below were closed (as was pretty much everything else on the pier), so we didn't get a nice cuppa, which was a shame.  I took a snap instead...

The Victorian Tea-rooms
What looks like a dirty fingerprint there is actually a flock of starlings - they were flying around every few minutes and then landing on the dome thing, before taking off again for another tour of the pier.  Presumably they were getting ready for bed.


  1. I really like that second picture Michael. The wide angle one in high format with a seagull and a nice flock of starlings and all. Great composition :)
    And a camera obscura! Never seen one, but have allways wanted to.
    I'm back at sea now (and yes, I can certainly feel that...) going out from Lerwick on Shetland as I speak. Windy, wavey and you know the lot. It's going to be a hell of a night I guess, as we will not be out on the field until some time around lunch tomorrow. Maybe later if the weather slows us down a lot.
    Anyway, I hope to get some time to both read some blogs, and write a few words in my own. Post a couple of snaps as well... probably.

    1. Hope your little boat trip went Ok Roy and look forward to your next installment when you get sorted.