Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Up on the Downs

The South Downs run from Eastbourne to nearly Winchester and are great for a gentle stroll, which is what we did one day in August.

The South Downs, near Firle

As you can see I printed that one in the darkroom - on MGIV Pearl.  It came out OK - I'll stick it on the wall for a while.

There wasn't much going on that day - a few walkers, a few sheep and one or two people hanging around a hundred feet up in the air:

Looking over the Sussex Weald

As you can see we had good weather - it was pretty warm, being August and all, even though we were Up on the Downs.

A fine place to find yourself

The old clouds were good that day, weren't they?  Not at all like the clouds we get in The Liberties, which seemed a long way away.  These were Sussex clouds.   Nice all the same, though.  I printed that one too, as you can see, and it will eventually go on a wall as well.  Well it might - or it might just sit around on a windowsill for a while.  Time will tell.  That's a straight print, by the way, as most of mine are at the minute.  I'm not great at didging and borning (Ed: I think he means dodging and burning), probably 'cos I don't do a lot of it.  But I'll get there...

I didn't print this one - but I reserve the right to at some point in the future, ok?

More sheep on the downs

Missy seemed to be enjoying herself - looking all glamorous what with her shades on and Kate's cardigan wrapped around her against the biting wind you get on the South coast of England in early August.

Adding a touch of glamour to the South Downs
By the way, a friend on FADU posted a link to a video the other day which might be of interest to you photography types.  It's of the work of Ken Keen FRPS - who is registered blind.  Inspirational stuff.  Click here to see it.  Terry King was instrumental in helping Ken with the alternative processes he now works with - you can check out his work here and well worth a look it is too.


  1. I think they look great Michael. Those printed cloudy bits, and the happy missy that is. I need to get a working dark room to start some practice as well. I got a few things for a round in the printing department now. Great snaps, as usual :))

    1. Thank you Roy. The more time I spend in the darkroom the more I realise I'm at the edge of a very very big iceberg. And most of it I can't see, although I know it's there. But it's great fun and you get nice little prints to stick all around the house.