Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sorry we are closed

Missy stood a bit closer than I did for her shot of the Victorian Tea Rooms on Eastbourne Pier.  Sorry We Are Closed was the sign on them.  And yes, we were sorry - I might have liked to try some Victorian Tea.  She gets about a bit, does old Victoria - last week Belfast, this week Eastbourne.

No tea today

She has a good sense of composition, does Missy.  Is it just me or has she inherited her dad's wonky horizon?  Maybe it's genetic...

Anyway, she took a better shot of the Camera Obscura building than her dad did:

Camera Obscura, Eastbourne pier
As you know, it was closed too.

I like Eastbourne Pier - it has character, mostly in the form of its buildings, as you can see above.  More character than I recall Brighton Pier ever having - although it's been a while since I've been there, to be honest.  All I remember there is horrible fish and chips at the entrance and then nothing much until you reach the end, where you have Horatio's (atmosphere-less) Bar and some amusements.  No, I've decided, Eastbourne Pier has class - even if everything is closed.

We don't really do piers in The Liberties...perhaps it's an English Thing.

Both shots taken on Missy's gorgeous little OM-1 with a 35-70 Zuiko zoom and good old FP4+, by the way.

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