Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Cuppa, anyone?

As I was trawling through The Archives the other day, wondering why I took so many bad snaps back when I was a teenager, I came across a couple of negatives which weren't of fields, motorbikes or bands.  Negs that I thought warranted a place on here.

This shot was taken in our kitchen sometime in the late 1970s.  Yes I know there's a lovely reflection of yours truly in the kettle, but we'll ignore that.

Kitchen Life in the 1970s

I can still remember those mugs - in fact, Mother probably still has them in a cupboard somewhere.  Not that she's a hoarder, you understand - she just doesn't like waste.

Peaches, I hear you say, in Ireland, in the 70s?  I know - I don't know how those got there either.

Under that tinfoil I can almost guarantee there's an apple tart lurking - in those days my mum could make an apple tart in her sleep.  With 2 growing lads and my dad around the house they didn't last long, I can tell you.  Note the pastry brush in the jar - no point in putting that away...

Next to Daisy is a jar of home-made raspberry jam.  We ate a lot of home-made stuff in those days and we still do quite well I think.  Of course the tea-caddy isn't far from the kettle - almost camouflaged next to the rather busy '70s wall-paper.  Big tea-drinkers in The Liberties - then and now, although these days I'm a green tea-drinker...or should that be a green-tea drinker.  Whatever.

Anyway, that was just a little taster, so to speak, of what is to come - although the theme for the next couple of days will be more photography than kitchen.  You have been warned.

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  1. It's absolutely great Michael. At first I did not really realize what I was looking at, but the story around every single item in the picture quite nicely sums it all up. Nothing is there just by chance, I understand.
    I'm sitting here then, waiting for the next thing coming :)