Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Perfect seaside weather

As y'all know, this part of the world has spectacular sandy beaches and usually the Grand View for a backdrop.  And best of all, we don't get much sun.  No sun is good for 2 reasons - firstly, it keeps folk away from the seaside and secondly, clouds look good on FP4+.

Case in point.  Castlerock, just down the road a bit.  August.  Not a sinner about.

Looking west towards Donegal/Inishown

Turn around and you get this:

Looking east, towards Portstewart

I must get out there more often - it does look good.  And in case you're wondering, there are no artificial additives here - it came out of DD-X looking like that.  I might have to slosh that one about in the darkroom sometime and stick it on the wall, as one does.

1 comment:

  1. I would stick both of them up on any of my walls for sure Michael. Great shots of nice clouds and all the lot. Nice beach as well, as you got a few of over there. Over here it's just rocks and such... even though there are a few places with proper beaches as well. Not in my area, mind you!
    Great job again!