Monday, 28 September 2015

Retail therapy

Belfast, or Béal Feirste (Mouth of the Sandbanks) if you prefer.  So good that Boney-M made a song about it.  Ever been there?  I was there a few weeks ago - why I can't recall.  Suffice to say while Mrs N-E-Liberties and Missy were off getting some serious retail therapy in the Big City I chose to dander about with a 35mm rangefinder made in Germany sometime towards the end of last Century.

This was Missy after her therapy.  Looks like it was good, doesn't it?

That 'post-retail-therapy' look

Belfast is famous for, of course, the Harland and Wolff shipyards, where a certain RMS Titanic was built.  Hmm...less said about that the better, maybe.

Belfast is also famous for a burgeoning film scene, with GoT (Game of Thrones) the #1 attraction.  They seemed to have filmed all over Northern Ireland, particularly around the North Coast.  I'm not a fan - although I seem to be in the minority there.

Anyway, I found myself wandering around City Hall - and a mighty fine building it is too.  Queen Victoria looks after it, as you can see here:

Victoria outside Belfast City Hall
Apparently Victoria granted Belfast its City Status in 1888 and City Hall built was built in celebration.  It's very well guarded, City Hall is - Victoria at the front and some bloke with a gun standing on a boulder round the side....

Garden of Remembrance, City Hall
I'm not sure which would be the easiest route into City Hall - past Victoria or this chap above.  I think I'd take my chances with the soldier - Victoria looks mightily scary.


  1. Victoria seem to be a bad choice here, so I'm totally with you!!
    Strange that you mention Game of Thrones, as my (temporary) neighbor (and there are only a very, very few houses in the area) is an actor in that very series. His name is Kristofer Hivju, got a huge red beard, and is playing Tormund Giantsbane (according to Wikipedia). Don't ask me, because I've never seen it either. Probably just as big a fan as you are...
    As for the shipbuilding history of Belfast it's kind of a pity that they actually is more known for the ship that sank rather than all the happier stories which most certainly exists. Well... nothing much we can do about that I would think.
    The retail therapy seem to have worked, definitely! :))

    1. That's a good story Roy - about your temporary neighbour. You should take some snaps of him, I don't know his character but I'm sure it would be fun.