Friday, 18 September 2015

Senses working overtime

Since it's Friday, we'll delve in to The Archives and see what gives.  As you all know, we're on a Friday Music Theme at the minute - but I'm warning you now, that won't last for ever, OK?

Now living where we do, we were never going to get top, top bands coming every week - but for a while in the late 70s we got a few decent ones.   XTC were a bit more 'Pop' than Dr Feelgood or Status Quo, but solid performers nonetheless and even had a few chart hits - I mean, who could forget 'We're only making plans for Nigel', or even 'Senses working overtime'?

Andy Partridge from XTC, 1978-ish

Colin Moulding on bass guitar looks like he'd rather be anywhere else in this shot - although maybe he's just trying to be cool.

Colin Moulding, acting cool, baby

I always liked bands with keyboards and XTC's Barry Andrews was on form that night I seem to recall - interestingly he had a prominent role up front on stage beside Andy Partridge.

A bit of keyboard never hurt anyone

XTC's front man

This next shot is not the best by any means, but it's interesting as a snap of its time.  My guess is that the band had just come on stage when I pressed the shutter - the guy in the 'hidden' doorway with the mustache was our resident DJ/MC Al Simpson.  I like the trail of rather serious-looking electrical leads neatly tracked over the door and just the general clutter on the stage...very Health and Safety!

Those were the days...

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