Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Summer's gone - was it ever here?

What a fantastic summer it has been this year - somewhere else maybe, but not round these parts.  We've had lots of rain, not that much sun and while the temperatures haven't been too bad they haven't been too good either.  Still, on the plus side, at least those clouds make for interesting skies when captured on the old film, eh?

Lovely summer's day in Portstewart, rain not far away

That would be Inishowen you can nearly see in the background there, almost covered by low cloud - and usually what is happening in Inishowen now will be happening in Portstewart in about 30 minutes time.

Here's a building you might recognise:

An old favourite
I've 'done' this old coastguard station before and no doubt will do it again.  For some reason I like coming by here from time to time.  Last time I captured it on a 50-year old Franka 6x6 folding camera - this is what it looks like on 35mm using a more modern rangefinder (although still dating to last Century).  I think I prefer it as it was - it is now, as you can see, a striking dark red colour.  Why I know not, but some-one keeps painting it.  That's OK with me - although I preferred it when it was white as it all looks a bit dull now on the old FP4+.  Or maybe that's just poor exposure on my part.

After those very depressing snaps we need something to cheer us all up a bit.  And here is that something - Missy, on Portrush Strand in the middle of summer, wearing a coat and a smile.

Missy, as happy as can be, Portrush, 2015

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  1. I agree! That "someone" should bring out the white paint again!! The building looks dull and dark in a B&W photo this way. I truly loved the one from the last post :))