Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Mount Errigal

In some parts of the world this wouldn't be called a mountain at all, since it's just less than 2,500ft high.  But Errigal is the tallest rock in Donegal and so deserves a mention - and a photograph, albeit it a bit of a murky one.

Errigal, from the west
Right, two photographs, then - and that's your lot.  At least in this next one you can actually see it - although the clouds look nicely poised to envelope it again sometime very soon.

The Biggest Hill in Donegal

OK so, three - and that's definitely it.

From the East
You can scramble up Errigal without too much problem, I am assured.  Not that I tried.  But you can, apparently - if you are so inclined (Geddit?).

Totally unconnected to Errigal, here are more clouds for you - yes, there were are a lot of them. Well, it was summer...

Irish clouds over Donegal
You may have noticed that a couple of these images are quite heavily cropped.  The cropped ones (#1, #2 and #4)  were 6x6 negs in the first place (Franka) so they can cope OK - well, on a monitor anyway.  I don't think I've got the hang of the old composition/framing thing yet when using the Franka and sometimes the auld legs don't work so well to help me zoom in or out.

One of the FADU members recently had a piece in the online magazine can see it here and a good read it is too - he has strong opinions about the use of traditional methods.  Maris Rusis lives Down Under, is a user of large format cameras and likes to contact print.  A large number of his prints are not cropped at all - indeed, he purposefully includes the black edge of the negative (including the rebate) on his print, as a signal - to those in the know - that his composition and framing are the same thing.  By the way, if you're interested in the place he makes all those beautiful prints, you can see his some images of his darkroom here - and quite a modest affair it is too.  Just goes to show, it's not all about the kit, eh? 

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