Thursday, 10 September 2015

Dr C (and a little of Mrs D)

Here's either a half-decent shot of my mate Dr C with a slightly distracting background or a half-decent view of Donegal ruined by some bloke getting in the way.  You decide...

Which is it?

I have to say I have a lot of time for Dr C, in spite of the fact that he acquires images through some sort of hand-held electronic device.  I do, of course, give him a suitably hard time about that, all the more since he actually has a very nice Nikon FM2 which lies about his house gathering dust while his D7100xSuperShot-thingmy comes with him on trips like this.  I even dev'd his film for him out of common decency - mind you, it had been in his camera for about 2 years.  Some people...

Here's another bit of Donegal for you - it's the grand place as you can see for yourselves.

No trees in Donegal

But wait - there's me going on and on and on (à la Mrs Doyle) about how great the clouds are in this part of the world.  Sure you've nearly no need to look at the clouds - just look at the land and you can see where the clouds are and where they aren't.

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