Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Seaside snaps

Anyway, since I could see that you all appreciated those summer snaps yesterday here's another couple to enjoy before the bad weather sets in for winter.

Summer in Portrush
I think this was taken same day in July as the snap of Missy wot you might have noticed yesterday.  Cracking day it was, as you can see - well, for taking snaps on film, anyway.  Those lumps of rocks you might just be able to make out are known locally as The Skerries.  Now if you are well edumacated, you might know that the name derives from the old Norse word sker, meaning nothing other than 'a rock in the sea'.  I like that.

Summer in Portstewart
Just down the road from Portrush is, as you know, Portstewart.  We had summer there too.  Yes I know there's something going on with this snap, it has streaks all over it and the horizon is all wonky.  Blame the operator.

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  1. We got lots of the same words here in Norway that you guys over there use all the time as well... hoose, skjær (sker or skerry) and I could go on. It's all from the same norse language. Great snaps, of course :)