Monday, 1 June 2015

Grass down the middle...

I have a thing for tracks with grass growing down the middle.  The driveways to both Mother's and our house has grass down the middle - none of your tarmac here, thank you very much.  I nearly went spare when we had a digger around some years ago and the Big Lig driving it started scraping away at the grass.  He looked at me like I wasn't wise, which is probably the case.

Today's first snap was taken out Castleroe way (Ed: Blimey you're getting good mileage out of that trip around Castleroe, aren't you?)

What's over the hill?

You can tell the time of year this snap was snapped since the gorse (or whins, as we called them in our youth) is out, ready to be picked for colouring your eggs.  Does anyone still do that?  We tried a few years ago when Missy was small, but the gorse would cut you to pieces.  And then when you get home you realise that since all eggs these days are brown they don't colour well anyway.  I say they don't colour well - what I mean is they don't colour at all.  Whatever happened to white eggs?  Even when we kept hens (that's another story) they laid brown eggs...must be in the feed I guess.

Here's Mother's laneway - isn't it just lovely?

Mother's drive
Mother tells me she planted those trees when they first came here, just after getting married in 1960.  There's a bit of history about Mother's place - but that will keep for another day.

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