Tuesday, 16 June 2015


We are all tourists to some extent, right?  I mean, we're all just passing through...  But you can't help but smile at proper real tourists from time to time, when you 'appen upon them.  Like I did on Derry's Famous Walls a few weeks ago.

So here we have a wee group of them, led by a leader, no doubt.

Derry - inside and outside
Americans I think they were - on Derry's Famous Walls.  Now I have a lot - that is, *a lot* - of time for Americans.  The Brother is even married to one and lives amongst them.  And I find them a very hospitable lot.  I like their openness, always ready to speak their mind.  We Irish, on the Other Hand, keep our innermost thoughts to ourselves.  Good or bad, c'est la vie, n'est-ce pas?!

Anyway, this little group on The Walls the other day didn't stop my progress one little iota.  I walked on through.  Oh, by the way, that's the famous Bogside on the left, y'know - Sackville St and all that.  Famous that is....

So amble on I did (Ed: is that proper English?)  and I came round by Magazine St., as you do.  And I thought I'd take a wee snap, as you do.  And guess what.  Some flippn tourist decided to stroll past me and get in me photo...

Spot the tourist
He was Eye-talian, or something.  Foreign anyway.  The thing is, he walked right past me (while I had me camera at me eye), then turned around and re-joined his family behind me.  Just for the lark.  I just had to snap him anyway, for the sake of it.  So there he his, for eternity (or however long this Web Server is in existence for).  And that's Magazine St on the right, what with the Nerve Centre and all, with my mates Pearse Moore and Marty Melarky who are genuine major special people.

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