Monday, 15 June 2015

The Guildhall

Probably the best known building in Derry-Londonderry is The Guildhall.  This one was built in 1890 but there was an older Guildhall in the Diamond area built in the 17th Century.  This new one though is pretty splendid, in red brick and with magnificent stained glass windows.  The name reflects the impact the London City and Guilds had in the formation of the City of Derry at the start of the Plantation of Ulster.  Apparently the building was originally called Victoria Hall...hmm.

Guildhall, from the walls
As you walk round the walls you get a great view of Guildhall Square and the Guildhall itself.  There are a row of late 16th/early 17th Century cannons pointing towards it, one of which is captured above just for you.

Here you can see the row of cannons - well, you can just about make them out if you click on the picture...

Cannons&Guildhall, Derry 2015

I took a closer look at one of the cannons and found this plaque:

400-year old cannons on Derry's walls

So that's what a Demi-Culverin is!

Guildhall Square
As you can see this is a rubbish photograph - I cut the top of the Guildhall off and didn't even get the clock tower in.  Note to self...Must Try Harder.  In mitigation I was trying hard not to converge my verticals, if you know what I mean.  I didn't have the Sinar with me - just a wee rangefinder, which doesn't have a tilt or shift lens.

Guildhall Square is used for concerts and open-air events.  There wasn't much happening the day I was there, as you can see.  As I don't like crowds I was quite OK with that - more on that subject tomorrow!

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