Monday, 29 June 2015

Turkish Delight

For a fair few years I was an academic, which was a fantastic career as you got to work closely with young people, which is always rewarding.   As well as the day to day teaching (good), admin (not good) and research (good), it was always nice to go to a conference, particularly when that conference was somewhere new.  Sometime around 1993 I ended up in south-west Turkey, near Antalya.  The conference itself wasn't the highest-standing academic conference I've ever been involved with, but the upside was that we got to see a little of Turkey, and what a stunningly beautiful place it is.

Some old ruins somewhere in Turkey, 1993
Turkey is of course steeped in history and we got to see some old ruin-type places, like this one above.  Unfortunately I didn't take note of where this was, or if I did that note is long lost, but let's just say it's somewhere on the south coast of Turkey.

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