Monday, 22 June 2015

Deirdre May and friends

Portstewart is just down the road from us and a lovely place it is too.  On this day we were all down for an amble up and down the promenade, as one does.

Deirdre May and Lady Jade, 2015

FP4+ in DD-X did a nice job of capturing the essence of the harbour.  We'd been watching CE510 out in the bay earlier (while having a cup of tea in my fav cafe) and although the harbour looks pretty calm there was a good swell out in the bay.  Definitely you would have needed your sea legs.  I stopped the fisherman dude coming off CE510 and asked if there was any mackerel about - he told me I was about a month too early.   A couple of years ago I went out on a similar boat from Portrush and ended up with enough mackerel for a few months - a thoroughly enjoyable day it was too.  Memorable not only for the quantity of mackerel caught, but also for the gannets which were diving in to steal them off our lines.  Huge birds, gannets, when you see them up close.  Hopefully we can all get out for another day's fishing this summer.  What the fisherman dude did have in his bucket, though, was about 6 lobsters, just out of the sea.  Although I have tasted lobster (and I liked it) I don't think I could bring myself to kill one of these beautiful creatures.

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