Saturday, 13 June 2015


The streets in Derry's city centre have names which reflect its colourful history - like these two here.

Artillery St meets London St, Derry
As well as Artillery St., nearby we have Magazine St., Waterloo St. and Castle St.  Then there are the usual Plantation-type names like Guildhall St., Society St. and the more generic Market St., Butcher's St., Pump St. and Fountain St.  The building in the snap above has had a variety of uses over the years - originally built in 1795 as a theater it is now the CofI Synod Hall.

Derry lies on the River Foyle and a number of streets take their names from it, such as FerryQuay St. Shipquay St., Bridge St, Foyle St and even Water Street.

Bishop St Within

Like any walled city Derry has a number of gates dotted around - essential for providing access in and out of the city.  While some of these gates are in their original position others have been added later, to provide better access.  One of the four original gates is Bishop's Gate, and this snap above is what you see when you look towards the city from standing on it.  On the right you can just about make out the columns of the courthouse - always a busy place on Monday mornings after a hard weekend's partying in the city.

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