Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Ice cream

If you're reading this you probably already know that Portstewart is famous for many things - in addition to the general loveliness of the Prom, the bay and the views of Donegal.

Bad driving/parking is high on the agenda pretty much any time of the year on The Prom.  As is sitting in your car and either reading the paper or having your ice cream.  Ice cream works when you are strolling about the place as well, and Missy can usually be found guilty as charged.

Happiness is an ice cream
To be fair, as you can see Missy is quite happy with a little ice cream.  Not quite sure why Portstewart needs two telephone boxes on the Prom - I mean, does anyone ever use a public telephone any more?

As you can see, eating ice cream requires a degree of concentration - even from a seasoned ice cream eater like Missy... how do I get that last bit out?

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