Thursday, 28 May 2015

Sheep and Rooks

More common rural scenes from Castleroe way for you today.  Nothing terribly exciting - unless you count a field of sheep as exciting, that is.

A farm trying to hide behind a hedge
You see that's what happens when you just stop your car at the side of a wee road and point your camera nowhere in particular.  A nice wee rural scene, complete with sheep things, a farm, a wee bit of a stone wall and even a tree or two.  Lovely!  Oh - and a couple of modern gates - not so lovely.

Point the camera in another direction and you might see this:

Cattle and rooks

The cattle are all munching away there, following the same route.  And there's a couple of rooks for you too, all a-swirling in the air currents.  No leaves on the trees yet - it was only April.  I know they're rooks as they are our most common bird from that family in these parts.  We get hooded crows, but they are very distinctive, what with their grey overcoat and all (as people say nowadays).  Jackdaws are common here too, but quite a bit smaller than rooks.  Magpies again have very distinctive plumage (every time I hear the word plumage I always think of 'Beautiful plumage, though' - as spoken by Michael Palin in the Dead Parrot Sketch, Monty Python).

Nice moody skies in these shots methinks.  Of course readers familiar with this neck of the woods know that that's the sort of sky we have about 11 months of the year.  The other month the clouds are much heavier ;)  Good job B&W film just loves skies like that.  I mean, what if we had loads of empty blue sky in these shots - they'd be right boring, wouldn't they?!

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