Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Strange goings-on

One of the things many people say they like about photography is that it changes the way they see things.  It does, I believe, encourage you to look more closely at things - you are always searching for a new angle on a familiar subject, or to actually see what is there rather than simply what you assume is there.

The other week when I was out and about around Castleroe I was driving around with nothing much in mind other than to point the camera at some things and see what comes out of the developing tank.  In this part of the world there are many farmhouses dotted about the countryside.  By some other countries' standards our farms are small affairs, probably 100-150 acres on average.  Mostly cattle are kept for milk or beef, sometimes sheep and I notice the odd lama has crept in here and there - what's that all about, eh?  There are of course also many farms which grow our staple diet - potatoes - and you get the odd field of barley or rape, which add a touch of colour to the countryside.

Here's a shot of a farm that intrigued me.

Two chimneys?
So what's going on here then?  Two large, brick-built chimneys, visible for miles around.  Unfortunately I couldn't get any closer to them - had to snap this from some distance away with the 180mm Nikkor lens.  The farm itself was up a long driveway and I didn't have the courage just to drive up and ask for a closer look.  You just never know what sort of reception you are going to get.  Anyway the point is I wondered what on earth they were used for?  I'm no expert on farming, mind, but chimneys are usually required when there is fire of some sort.  I really have no idea - they just caught my eye as something unusual and therefore interesting, probably quite old and I doubt if they are still in use.  Suggestions welcome below!

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