Wednesday, 13 May 2015

More from The Wirral

Continuing our theme of a photographic social history of The Wirral, we have the famous, or should that be infamous, Woodchurch Estate.  My Uni mate Simon took me on a tour of the more salubrious areas of the Wirral as a payback for me taking him around the Bogside in Derry/Londonderry when he visited Northern Ireland.  I think he got off lightly, by the look of things here:

Woodchurch Estate, The Wirral

Simon went to school there, he informs me, but it can't have been that bad, since he is now a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at a leading University.

Rents are cheap, apparently
I'm sure the Woodchurch Estate, like the Bogside, has been completely revamped since these photographs were taken in 1984.  I wonder how long these flats were lived in for - they look fairly modern for the time, although clearly the local disaffected youths had been using the windows as target practice.  I like the sink dumped in the front garden - very Tracey Emin.

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