Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Back to fields...

Well after our  little visit to Merseyside some 30 years ago we're back to present-day Northern Ireland.  The attentive reader will, of course, remember my mention of James Ravilious, who photographed country life in Devon over several decades.  It is of course tempting to think that today's photographs can't ever be as interesting as ones taken decades ago - and for sure, people's way of life has changed a lot even since the 1980s.  And we can't travel back in time...yet.  But that misses the point, I think.  Today's photographs are a record of this time, now.  Who knows what changes will come in years to come.

So I went out and about last week armed with some Ilford FP4+ B&W film in a gorgeous little 35mm Nikon camera.  As anyone familiar with this area knows, there are a lot of fields about.  And fields need gates.

This photograph is one I almost didn't take at all - I remember framing it in the camera and then putting my camera down, before thinking 'What the heck, it's just one frame' and lifting the camera up again to take the shot.

A rural scene, 2015
I know it's just a gate lying against a fence, but it pleases me - and that's the important thing, right?!

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