Thursday, 7 May 2015

Nothing remarkable

I've been looking around the old Internet as of late - mostly photography-based blogs and stuff like that.  There are a lot of people doing very interesting stuff which makes my efforts seem very crude and ordinary by comparison.  Still, one has to start somewhere, right?

Someone I think is very good is Andrea Ingram and her blog is BoxesBellows.  Andrea lives on the Isle of Lewis, just off the west coast of Scotland and takes some very good snaps.  From time to time she goes all creative-like and comes up with something very special (usually in the darkroom) but a lot of the time she simply snaps away at anything and everything on Lewis.   The more I visit her site (and I do a lot) the more I really like her work.  At first glance it can look very mundane (sorry Andrea!) - yet another photograph of nothing much in particular, but then I look a bit more closely, then step back from it and it begins to grow on me.  A lot.  Click on the link and see for yourself.

So here's a very ordinary snap for you.

Nothing remarkable
I captured this little scene the other day with the new camera.  That's the River Bann by the way, and just out of shot is the village of Castlerock.

I quite like this - it kind of is what it is, if you get my drift.  What do you think?


  1. Andrea puzzles me off all the time. Compositions I look at and wonder what on earth... and then they materialize into something that's just brilliant. I love her work, and are very happy I stumbled over it by coincidence looking for something completely else.
    I like your snap to... btw!

  2. +1 Roy...Ms Ingram is secretly teaching us all how to use these camera-things.