Friday, 13 May 2016

Road Racing in The Liberties

I may have posted this lot before, but maybe not.  Probably I should start tagging my posts, which might make it easier to find what I actually have posted, rather than trawling through them month-by-month, one at a time.  I know - you'd think what with my computery sciencey background and all I'd have that sussed.  No excuses, mea culpa.

So, since this week is Race Week in The Liberties here are a selection of shots from the North West 200.  I found these in various places from Mother's Stash of Old Photographs - some prints and some negs.  Not sure of the dates, but I'd hazard a guess around the 1930s or 40s. I haven't printed any of the negs, but I will some day - just 'cos I like the idea of being to print a neg taken some 70+ years ago.

I like this last one, too - not so much for the 'action shot', but for the fact that not even the stone pillars have a straw bale in front of them to give the rider a chance should he come a cropper on that wet road surface:

Nowadays there are straw bales dotted around the circuit, on lampposts, pillars and the like.  But to be honest if you come off at high speed no amount of straw or anything else is going to make much of a difference.  Michael Rutter, who is one of the current crop of riders (and whose father Tony I took snaps of in the 70s) says that on the road circuits like the NW200 he rides about 80%, whereas on dedicated circuits, with proper run-offs and what have you he'll give it his all.  Sounds like a sensible strategy.

There was some racing last night but due to a house on the circuit catching fire (looked like a BBQ incident - probably drink involved :) and an accident (not fatal) racing was stopped early.  The weather is still holding up well - full sun and pretty warm so here's hoping for a good day's racing - and a safe day - on Saturday.

PS If you want to see what it's all about, check out this video.  The guys are pretty close to each other at 189mph at 1min15s in.

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