Tuesday, 24 May 2016

People watching

Right so, yer man here, taking a break from Marshalling Duty at the road races:

And then these two ladies.  Where else in the world would you find ladies of a certain age clambering over (or rather, under) a barbed wire fence, trying to get closer to the motorbikes?

I enjoyed the NW200 this year - not for the bikes, mind, more for the antics of the people who come to watch them.  The lady above there - the one with the shades, not the one on all fours - spied me with the camera and gave me a laugh and a wave, to which I responded similarly.  I mean, what else can you do?!


  1. That's what I call great snaps of interresting things happening a short bit off the race track! I must say I'm a bit baffled around our man there, in that first one, and what's he's trying to reach from somewhere inside? Any good ideas?
    The ladies...? Well, what can you say apart from simply lovely?

    1. I think he was licking his fingers, while in the process of demolishing a packet of crisps, or similar :) I had to be quick and stealthy, as I wouldn't have liked to attract his attention...he was, as you can, a big fellow!

      And thanks for the comments, Roy - always appreciated!