Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A double first

I had a good Sunday in the darkroom - first time using fibre paper and first time using Lith developer.  And here is my very first Lith print, on Fomatone Warmtone Classic131 glossy paper via Moersch Easylith.

It's a bit dark but still I like it.  Snapped up on FP4+ in Ballintoy - a nice old cave with the limestone rock providing a nice contrast and gritty texture.


  1. I'm so happy to see you're getting into the FB paper world, mate! Not that I know if you like it, as in wanting to try out more of the stuff at some point, but I really hope you will.
    And a great print you managed to get out of it as well, I see. OK, maybe a tiny wee bit dark as you say, but then there's a few prints that will need some deep blacks to really glow. This could very well be one of them. Lith print and all...! I would so like to try that some day, as you know :)
    And uh, there are prints on their way over the sea for you to check out if you like. If you don't like you may use their backside to make notes on and such... you will see when you get them. I think they were printed on Ilford Warmtone, all of them. I was supposed to also ship one of the Foma papers I posted the other day, but I see that one is still laying in the pile of photos back home, so will have to wait until next time I'm afraid.
    So long mate! And keep the prints coming, as they are good as usual :)

    1. Thanks Roy, that fibre paper is certainly nice to handle, albeit a bit more work than RC paper. The Lith stuff will take some getting used to, but a nice effect for sure. Given the right subject....like your paper negs i think. Thanks for the prints, much appreciated mate. I shall send something interesting (I hope!) in return when I get my act together :)