Friday, 27 May 2016

It's 1987 all over again

Q: Where was I 29 years ago?  A: I was in Somerset, or North Devon...somewhere down the West Country anyway.  This was from the time I lived in Taunton, teaching at the Richard Huish Sixth Form College - my first proper job.  The students were all so lovely to work with - they taught me a great deal.  A great wee town, Taunton - people were very friendly.  I remember thinking this would be the perfect place when I'm 50...slow, relaxed, lovely countryside.  Not much cop though when you are 20-something, hungry for a piece of the action and what have you.  Ah well - I can't say I would change many of the decisions I made over the past 29 years.  One or two for sure, but you wouldn't be doing it properly if you didn't make a few mistakes along the way, right?

There are some great places around the West Country - like Cheddar Gorge, for example.  Limestone cliffs, caves, stalagmites and stalactites and what have you.  If in doubt which is which, remember the old saying, 'Mites go up and Tights come down'.  I'll say no more...

All on good old Kodakchrome slide film, via the OM1.

I'm sure things have changed somewhat around Cheddar since 1987, but from a quick search they still have these rather strange structures below.  Hopefully they've had a lick or two of paint since then... 

If only we could wind the clock back.  For sure I'd take more photographs of people, places and situations.  You don't see the changes happening when you're in the moment, of course.  It's only when you look back you realise how much has actually changed.  Memo to self:  Get out more and take more snaps - it won't be like how it is now for ever, y'know!

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