Thursday, 5 May 2016

Castlerock beach, Lith

A good bracing walk along Castlerock beach it was.  Actually a bit too bracing, so I took to the dunes to shelter me from the worst of the wind.

Here's what things looked like after a dunk in Moersch EasyLith developer (Foma 131 paper):

I'm enjoying this process, I have to say.  I was using 15ml A + 15ml B and then a good slosh of water to bring it up to about a litre in volume.  Temperature was slightly higher than normal - around 25 degrees. Nothing much happened for the first 5mins and then things started to appear bit by bit.  By about 10 mins I pulled the print.  As time went on and the temperature dropped the dev times got a bit longer.  By the end of the session the temperature was down to about 20 degrees and times were up to about 13mins.

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