Monday, 2 May 2016

Ballintoy Harbour

One of my favourite places to go, just round the coast past the Giant's Thingmy and then down a very winding road - a 'not suitable for coaches' type road. This is GameOfThrones territory and in the summer it's hard to get a parking space. At this time of year though it is rather nice:

You can rent those cottages there...nice idea, but due to the tourists tramping past your front window it would only be good early morning and late evening.  You'd have to take yourself somewhere else during the day, I think.

Now there's an interesting wee cottage, hidden away it is.  Not much of a view from the back windows - if there are any - what with that big brick wall there.  But the view from the front ain't bad at all:

You could do worse than wake up to that every morning.  On a good day you'd have Bonny Scotland in the distance, but it wasn't there today, being all misty and what have you.

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