Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Some time ago

This one wasn't taken yesterday.  1978 probably more like it, I would think:

Yes, that's me at The Bishop's Place in Downhill...probably when I was about 15 or 16.  As you can see, flares were indeed all the rage in the 70s.  I'm holding some sort of camera - most likely an OM-1.  The Brother was behind the camera - and a rare camera it must have been too, since it was a 6x4.5 neg that I had to deal with this morning in the darkroom.  I suspect it must have been one he borrowed for a time, since I don't remember either of us owning anything other than a 35mm in those days.  I was mostly into action photography anyway - cars, bikes etc so 35mm was the only way to go.  The Brother was more into nature, although his first love was birds and he needed some long glass for that, so again 35mm was the weapon of choice.  He had a 500mm mirror lens for his Contax RTS which got a lot of use, I seem to recall.

You see, we tramped around Downhill in them days, too.  We were country boys, really.  Still a grand place to go for a day out, is Downhill.

I must get out and take some new snaps, but at the minute I'm spending more time in the darkroom than anywhere else.  I have to admit I'm starting to like these medium format negs...a lot.


  1. Good to see you're in the darkroom a lot, Michael. I have been busy doing easter vacation, but is now back home and have an order in for some fresh fixer. Hope it arrives some time today.
    I got a whole bunch of films to wash in some developer, and I also got a couple of prints to make. I hope I might get time to get it all done :)
    I got a blog to maintain as well, and hopefully I might get myself around and produce a few words a little bit later. Weather is great over here today, which is good. Easter was more or less grey, as it usually is. Temperature has been over freezing point, which is always a good thing.
    Hope you get plenty of time inside that darkroom mate!

    1. These blogs do take some energy to maintain, Roy :) I keep thinking I should blog less and maybe say more, if you know what I mean. But then I get a bunch of negs developed and well, you know how it goes, you just have to say something about them...