Tuesday, 22 March 2016

It's a start

I wasn't sure about this one - it's been lurking in my neg file for a while.  And on my hard drive.  But I got it out the other day and played around with it in software and thought there might be something in it.

And then since I had a free hour this morning I dived into the darkroom to see what would happen.  After wasting a bit of paper this one came out:

It was taken sometime towards the end of last summer - from Binevenagh, overlooking Lough Foyle with Inishowen there in the distance.  The light was pretty amazing for about half an hour that evening - when the sun came out from behind that cloud it was like a super trouper (I think that's what they're called - thanks to ABBA of course for that one).  Anyway, it was one of those evenings you were glad you'd driven the half an hour or so and brought the Sinar along.  Although since the light was changing rapidly, and by a lot, I was lucky that anything printable got recorded at all.

I don't think I'm done with this one yet, though.  Sometimes you have to look at a print for a while and run through a few What ifs? in your mind.  I reckon it's a time thing - I need some time to pass and keep looking at it and then the answer, or maybe just a different answer, comes.  With luck I'll get back in tomorrow for another go at it, although I've promised Missy we'll go swimming tomorrow, since there's no school this week. Mind you, if today's anything to go by it'll be lunchtime before she surfaces.  She's a bit of a reader, is Missy and is currently burning through her pocket money by buying Kindle books and then reading half the night.  Long may it continue...


  1. A bit more than a start, I would say. If I should start wishing, just having had a quite brief look at it myself, maybe a bit more light in the foreground would be good? Then again I'm having a second look at that lovely light stripe there, where the water hits the beach... and thinking maybe that's a bad idea after all? Would make the magic go out of it, maybe?
    Well... only you got the measures to find out mate! :)

    1. I think a bit more light everywhere would be good, but it's not working for me yet, Roy.