Tuesday, 15 March 2016

First one of the year

I think it was last Sunday.  The sun was out and we were all in the mood for the first picnic of the year - even though it was pretty chilly.  But we are made of Strong Stuff in The Liberties and it takes more than a chill wind to put us off the notion when we get it, so undeterred we ventured forth.

As you can see we didn't venture forth too far from base - Portstewart did the trick.  There's a nice coastal walk between the Strand (where I have been known on occasion to go to with The Hound) and the Prom.  Half way along is this place, Port-na-happle.  Missy has been known to do a bit of snorkelling there but not today.  No, this day was a sit-on-the-rocks-and-munch-the-sandwiches-all-the-while-being-very-content-with-your-lot sort of day.

And very peaceful and pleasant it was too, I must say.

The headland visible on the left there is where Mussenden Temple and Downhill Demesne lie.  To the right, just visible in the distance is Donegal/Inishown.  I came across a nice (short) description of the area as it was in 1837 which you can read here, if you're so interested.

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  1. So... first picnic allready? That was a tad early, me thinks, but then again you don't have to wait for all that snow to disappear when spring comes knocking on your door. I hope for a few great days when I soon get home to put into some good use with camera in hand and such. Maybe even some kind of an early picnic as well, who knows. Great one from down by the sea, and nice to see from the distance the place posted a few days ago :) Makes everything a bit easier to understand, you see!