Monday, 1 February 2016

Walk on by

That's what these people were doing on Railway Road one day, so I snapped them up, as you do:

Why is it that the streets near railway stations are never the most salubrious?  This area of Coleraine is quite run down, as you can see - even the bus is Not in Service.

I like to study people walking...I've a thing about people's gait, you see.  Comes from having a very poor one myself, due to the old spondylitis and ceramic&metal bits when me hip joints should be. Leg extension, heel strikes, flat feet, oh yes, I would come top of the class on that topic.  Years of being edumacated by physical can tell I listened, too!

Probably the same reason why I love ballet.  I'm just in awe of the grace, poise and power of dancers.  When I lived in Brighton I used to travel up to London to see the odd performance - anything by Tchaikovsky does it for me, I'm not that sophisticated.  Now that I'm in The Liberties there's less opportunity to see decent stuff, but we get the odd one from time to time.  I saw one a couple of years ago in our local Riverside Theatre.  Unfortunately I can't remember the principal dancer's name, but he was, even he would admit, past his prime.  However, he still had it and the nice thing about the Riverside is that it is small, so we were very close to the action.  When you can see the effort on the dancers' faces and hear their breathing it actually gives you an insight into their world which you don't get at the bigger venues.  It seems to be a tough profession and not that well paid for most.

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