Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Peaks and troughs

Well, not many peaks around The Liberties, but plenty of troughs:

Thankfully all the animals are inside this weather.  Well, all the cows are inside - the sheeps are still out and about, but then they've the coats for it.

I wonder what the collective noun for troughs is.  A herd of troughs, perhaps?  Too obvious.  What about A silence of troughs, since there's not much chat out of them?  Or maybe A suspicion of troughs, since you peer over a hedge and there they are, looking as if they've been up to something.

Oops - caught the top of the gate in that last one.  Blame the Yashica.  That's the University's Wind Turbine in the background there.  If you ask me, it's too large for the rural setting it's in - completely dominates the landscape.  Not to mention the view we have from our garden, which used to be nice.


  1. As you know by now my experience and knowledge of the english language is a bit well, limited. To say the least.
    A suspicion of troughs sounds good enough to my ear anyway, so I'll go for that term if I ever need to use it for some reason :)
    And wind turbines popping up all around the shop to disturb the horizon, or whatever... well, it's good and bad. Good for the obvious reasons, bad for all the ones thinking a clean horizon is a good thing. I think some turbines is OK, and some are just horribly thrown out without too much consideration. That's just my thoughts though, knowing there's a lot of other thoughts around as well :)
    Nice snaps, btw! I really love that first one up there. I keep on staring at it, expecting flying pigs and black & white cows to turn up...

    1. Pigs on the Wing always reminds me of Pink Floyd - one of my favourite bands from that era. And I would say your knowledge of English is pretty excellent, by the way!

    2. Good... because that was just what the snap reminded me of, for some reason. Any Pink Floyd album, I think...

  2. Good to see 'sheeps' thriving out your way!