Friday, 19 February 2016

Hiking in Hungary

A couple of shots of The Lads with their walking gear on:

Definitely still a touch of the old Scouting Movement about their attire - perhaps they were staying in hostels that required some sort of affiliation.

Most of them had invested in the latest backpacking gear - apart from the dude on the right, who looks more equipped for a business meeting rather than a hike across the Hungarian Great Plain.

Here's one of them sporting my old School Blazer again.  Nice high-waisted trews, as well.  And that's an impressive roof structure on that building - a hint of Asian architecture there perhaps.

That brings to an end the main part of the trip that The Uncle and his mates undertook in 1938.  But it's not quite the end of the story...

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  1. Just home from a short trip up to my parents place, to have a look at how things are up there at the moment as my father just had a surgery on one of his eyes, and my mother has one of her legs well plastered up... well, you know...!
    Cool thing is that I had a kind of "meeting" with an old camera I have not seen since the very, very early 70's. But that's a story for tomorrow, maybe.
    Just wanted to say that the story of your uncle, and his trip over to Hungary in those years before the war and all really starts to sink in. I have to say I wonder a bit about the last bit of it...
    I'm so glad you told this story, and it has kind of made me thinking about telling a story myself as well. I got a couple of uncles as well, and I got a father.
    There are stories to tell, and snaps to show off for sure.
    I might do that, some day... Just because I see now that it can be done, even though they were not traveling to Hungary around that time...
    It's good to see that someone are telling a small and very short piece of their story, isn't it?!