Friday, 5 February 2016

In the Bükk Mountains

Continuing their sightseeing around Hungary, The Uncle et al found themselves in the Eastern Bükk Mountains.  The Palace Hotel in Lillafüred was, and still is by all accounts, the place to go, as this period postcard shows:

And here are the lads, in situ:

It's pretty strange the stripey blazer in this shot - this was the 'summer blazer' of my old school, Coleraine Academical Institution.  Pretty fancy stuff.  Not that I ever had one - we had to make do with plain old black blazers, winter and summer.  Eh, times were hard in the McNeill household...

The waterfall here by the Anna cave is pretty impressive:

But the star of this snap is undoubtedly the lady in the foreground.   Not one to be messed with - she looks like she could give you a quare clout with that handbag, should the need arise...

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