Wednesday, 3 February 2016

On the Prom

On Portstewart Prom the other day and noticed all the seagulls were facing the same way:

Presumably they were facing into the wind, otherwise they'd get their feathers ruffled or something.

Inishowen nearly covered by low cloud in the distance.  Raining again there.  And that usually means it'll be raining in Portstewart in about 30mins.  Still, at least you can see it coming and dive into Roughans or even Warke's Deli for shelter and a cup of green tea.

On that note, the last few times I've noticed something funny going on.  I have a suspicion they've changed their brand of tea in my usual haunt as it just doesn't do it for me any more.  I must admit I'm kind of addicted to Suki Sencha Green tea, which is what I drink at home.  I even took some to Bath with me but the water there is very different to The Liberties and it was almost undrinkable.  I had to buy bottled water to use - I know, very decadent and very fussy.  Still, when you know what you like...

They're in the process of ripping up The Prom as I write - taking out the old railings and putting in new ones.  And taking out the pavement at the same time - not that I noticed anything wrong with the pavement as it is, mind you.  The rumour is that they are putting in some sort of pavoir brick paving.  Sounds nice, although apparently it will need power-washed every so often to keep it looking good.  Still, the ratepayers will just pay up, as usual, so it's all fine.  Right?

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